Map Once, Use Many Times


There are multiple sources providing information on or a rationale for an integrated approach to ocean and coastal mapping. Some of these resources are listed below, and include documents such as legislation, policy recommendations, and reports.

Ocean Policy Related Documents:

pdf Final Recommendations of the Ocean Policy Task Force (2010) (see Priority Objective #9)

pdf Executive Order 13547 of July 19, 2010, adopting the recommendations of the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force

pdf The 2009 Ocean and Coastal Mapping Integration Act (Subtitle B of Public Law 111-11)

pdf An Ocean Blueprint for the 21st Century: Final Report of the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy (2004)


A Geospatial Framework for the Coastal Zone: National Needs for Coastal Mapping and Charting
This 2004 study by the National Academies identifies coastal zone spatial information needs, priorities, and ways to meet the needs. The complete report can be read on the National Academies Press website: or scan the pdf Executive Summary.

Reports to Congress on NOAA's Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping Initiative:
These reports are a requirement of the 2009 Ocean and Coastal Mapping Integration Act.

pdf 2010 NOAA Report

pdf 2012 NOAA Report

Interagency Working Group on Ocean and Coastal Mapping (IWG-OCM)

pdf National Ocean and Coastal Mapping Strategic Action Plan, Version 1.0, November 2008

pdf IWG-OCM 2009 Workshop: National Ocean and Coastal Mapping Workshop Synopsis